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Story About Us

Being inspired by the versatile, traditional and since ages followed culture with importance of the handicraft culture, DruArts has adored stepping into the world of exhibiting handicraft products to the domestic as well as international market. The company is headed up with the solemn goal to provide economic upliftment of the artisans that are involved in preserving the heritage of the handicrafts industry in India.

What Got Us Started?

No doubt, India is one of the most beautiful countries is often recalled for carrying in their ancient traditions and culture as they were followed years back. This culture-rich country has a wide variety of ancient artisans and their handcrafted products which are still hidden from their original identity and escapes to get their real worth in not only the urban areas but also, in the global markets.
Thus, here comes DruArts that is extensively born out of love for handicraft products. The company is peckish on a wide variety of types of handcrafted work where useful and decorative products are made completely by hand or by using only simple tools. These handpicked handicraft products are made from rural artisans from different parts of India which gives them an opportunity to showcase their talents through their beautiful handicrafts products. We are termed to exhibit diversity and heritage & authentic products to urban consumers at an affordable price, preserving traditional art.